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Why I'm so bad at gardening - A parent's reflection on the 5th Sunday of Easter

As my children are growing up, I am beginning to recognize the importance of constantly having to maintain a garden. To be honest I hate gardening and landscaping work.  Some people like to work in the dirt and hot sun, but not me, I can't stand gardening.  Mainly because I do not have the patience for it.  Day after day having to water, prune, and feed the garden, all the time it looks like nothing has changed.  Day after day constantly wondering if all the work I am doing makes any difference.  Pruning is the most difficult.  If you cut to little, then things will grow back again eventually killing the plant, cut to much and you kill the plant. In other words, cut to much or to little the plant can die, as a result, it feels like you can't win either way, much like raising teenagers.  Being to harsh or too  lenient can hurt the child's spiritual growth. Parenting is this type balancing act.

This past Saturday, Mandy asked me to fix the irrigation system in the garden. I…

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