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The Dark Night of Marriage

St. John of the Cross' "Dark Night of the Soul" is probably one of the most well known spiritual works given to us in the Catholic Church. In his writing, St. John of the Cross presents two parts of the dark night. The first part is called "the dark night of the senses" which is common for beginners who are on their way to seeking holiness and perfection. The second part is called, "the dark night of the soul" which is much more rare, and it is usually only the saints who are called to this kind of purgation.
The purpose of these puragations (and please note I am understating and oversimplifying this idea) is to ween the soul away from spiritual gifts and to be in love with the giver of the gifts, in this case Christ himself.
It must be known, then, that the soul, after it has been definitely converted to the service of God, is, as a rule, spiritually nurtured and caressed by God, even as is the tender child by its loving mother, who warms it with th…

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