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Why the mystery of the Church is revealed through images

If I was to describe the beauty of my wife, I would only be able to do it through analogies, and images.  So to with the Church, since the Church is a beautiful mystery, images are needed to go deeper into her beauty.    That being said, the second part of Lumen Gentium Ch.1 focuses its attention on how the Church reveals her identity through signs and symbols. Here are a few images of the Church that Lumen Gentium ch.1 presents: The Kingdom of God (LG 5) God reveals the Church through Christ the proclamation of the gospel, that is, the kerygma, this proclamation the revelation of the kingdom of God coming to earth in Christ himself through his deeds and most especially the incarnation.  Wherever God is present, the kingdom of God follows. Since God is fully present among us in the sacraments, so does his kingdom follow us in the sacraments, especially in the Eucharist.  Consequently, we can say that kingdom of God is present among us here and now as the Church.  The kingdom of God r…

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